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We at Stand And Support Initiative Int are a charity organization with the mission to care for the elderly, provide help for the needy and help in the fight against domestic violence. We also offer free health enlightenment, free weight check, BP test and blood sugar test.

Individual Support

You can donate directly through our website page using the donate form below, or by posting a status message and tagging it as "support a charity", so other people can donate, too. Or if you prefer to do your fundraising offline, you could support us by holding bake sales and coffee mornings, or by taking part in sponsored sports or challenges.

In addition to cash donations, individuals can also provide us with relief items which can be given to the less priviledged. We welcome items such as bags of rice, clothing, toiletries,packs of soft drinks and more.

Your contribution today can help save a life!

At Stand And Support Initiative, we provide financial help and access to accommodation for homeless elderly individuals, women and children who are victims of domestic as well as financial relief for the poor.

Every ₦1 you donate will help us change a someone's life. Please make a donation today!


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