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We at Stand And Support Initiative Int are a charity organization with the mission to care for the elderly, provide help for the needy and help in the fight against domestic violence. We also offer free health enlightenment, free weight check, BP test and blood sugar test.
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About Us

Stand and Support Initiative is a Nigerian registered charity based in Lagos but works with other organisation/volunteers across the globe for the relief of emotional, physical, financial, distress and suffering and the preservation and protection of physical, financial and mental health for persons who are victims of or in fear of domestic violence and /or abuse, in particular but not exclusively for Nigerians.

Our Mission

At Stand And Support Initiative International our mission to care for the needy, less privileged, elderly, children with no help and join in the fight against domestic violence. In addition we carry out the following services:

Relief from Financial Hardship & Support:

To provide practical help to people who are struggling financially. We achieve this by:

1} Providing raw and cooked foods to individuals who are in dire need.

2} Providing relief of psychosocial need of people living in the villages by making grants of money for providing or paying for services or facilities, especially vulnerable people.

3} We help pay school fees, buy books and uniforms for the less priviledged. 4} We fight against domestic violence.

Elderly People Support:

To use our international expertise to relieve elderly people residents in Nigeria and other parts of sub-Saharan Africa especially those who are in need, by providing specially designed or adapted housing, and items, services or facilities calculated to relieve the needs of such persons. In doing so relieving financial hardship, sickness and poor health amongst elderly people. Activities to carry out these purposes include:

1} Making adapted accommodation available to elderly people;
2} Making grants to elderly people to enable them to buy goods or services to help them overcome the incapacities of old age. Extra facilities will be provided either in housing owned or managed by us or in the home of the elderly person.
3} To relieve the burden of care impose on carers taking care of elderly.
4} We provide help for the sick by helping to pay medical bills.
5} We offer free weight check.
6} Free BP test.
7} Free sugar level check
8} Health enlightenment.

Your contribution today can help save a life!

At Stand And Support Initiative, we provide financial help and access to accommodation for homeless elderly individuals, women and children who are victims of domestic as well as financial relief for the poor.

Every ₦1 you donate will help us change a someone's life. Please make a donation today!


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